Welcome to Bull McCabes


MON-FRI 12:15-2:30PM
SAT 12:30-3:00PM
SUN 12:20-6:00PM


MON-SAT 4:00PM-7:00PM


MON-SAT 7:00PM-9:00PM

TEL: (0)21 432 2142

Welcome to Bull McCabe's

Over the years Bull McCabe’s on the Airport Road, Cork has built an enviable reputation for the quality of its good, wholesome food served in a warm traditional atmosphere. We count ourselves particularly lucky to have some of the finest foods on our doorstep and we set great store in sourcing our ingredients from small local suppliers who, we believe, share our passion for quality Irish produce – from the fully traceable 100% pure Irish beef and lamb to the locally grown seasonal vegetables to the fish landed fresh each day. We even look to local brewers to bring you some of the finest craft beers and ciders. So, if you are looking for a hearty lunch or wholesome evening meal, all roads lead to Bull McCabe’s.

Bull's Awards

Great Carvery of the Year Award

awarded by Unliver
Finalist in National Carvery of the Year 2012
Failte Ireland Accreditation
Finalist in the National Carvery of the year 2014

Bull's Events

The Bull McCabe’s are lovers of great music, every Thursday we host local musicians and bands to take to the floor and more often than not blow the roof off the house with great, lively, traditional Irish music, some of the newest Irish Music you will hear on this Island. We also host a very popular Sunday Session every Sunday 6pm – 8pm. 

We understand the importance of sports in the lives our Irish people, we are delighted to accommodate and harness this passion by offering sport on 3 large screen TV’s playing BT Sport, Setanta Sports and Sky Sports! Ensuring that no sporting occasion is missed!

Flanagan’s Whiskey Room

The Field is a play written by John B. Keane, he based the story on the 1959 murder of Moss Moore, a bachelor farmer living in Reamore, County Kerry. It tells the story of the hardened Irish farmer “Bull” McCabe and his love for the land he rents. The play debuted at Dublin‘s Olympia Theatre in 1965.

A film adaptation was released in 1990, directed by Jim Sheridan with Richard Harris in the lead role.

In 1998 the doors of the Bull McCabe’s Bar first opened in Cork. In 2016 a new edition to the premises opened “Flanagan’s whiskey rooms @ Bull McCabe’s”
The name of our whiskey room came from the “Pub” which featured in the play owned by Tom Flanagan. It was at this very place which Keane, described the locals a jolly, pint swilling Irishmen!

We felt there was a good fit!

Flanagan’s Whiskey Room @ Bull McCabe’s is where you can come and enjoy the very best of Irish Whiskey. .


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